Our Philosophy

To be creative and productive one must take advantage of all the available tools at his or her disposal.

Surround yourself with sound and manipulate frequency.

Our Mission

Provide tools and services so you can focus on completing an enjoyable music process and experience. Explore your minds eye and embellish the sound.

Take Advantage Now
  • Low Cost Audio Solutions
  • Community File Pools
  • Protect and Save Files
  • Recreate and Reprocess

Our Process

With our engineers at your disposal we will help you get your project up and running. In our main studio there is a plethora of equipment that can aid in transforming audio to any shape or form.

Years of Experience and knowledge
  • Audio Engineering & Recording
  • Graphics and Web
  • Project Management
  • Transfer Services & Database Sharing

"M-80 Records helped me transfer all of my Adat tapes to usable content for my DAW, my taped returned promptly and I was impressed by the way everything sounded. I would recommend this service for it's quality and reliability."


"I prefer the constructive type of user base that lies within M-80, now I am working on a project with a new friend from Paris on an instrumental song for my band by trading ideas and tracks."